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4781 North Quickdraw Lane
Cedar City, UT 84720
Located in Enoch City 


The basics pave the way for everything that we do here at KICK Incorporated. Mechanics of striking and movement are emphasized. Proper angles, timing and distancing are stressed. Experience is provided in which to test yourself and improve. The main thrust of teaching is on Chinese Kenpo. Fifty five "combination techniques" are the vertebrae of the system. Each technique teaches something unique. It may teach a new move, a new weapon or a different target. Students learn evasive, or offensive action from a new technique. Each belt level builds upon the moves, concepts and principles of the last. We get everything along the way because waiting until Black Belt to learn all of the principles is against our principles. Groups of techniques are taught at each belt level, and then are linked together in a form. Later, the individual belt level forms are linked together in an even larger form. This collection of techniques, refered to as the Master Form becomes focused, concentrated, and more meaningful. The Master Form allows the practitioner to ingrain solid fighting techniques while gaining the traditional benefits associated with forms training. Accomplishing many aspects of training simultaneously. This is only a brief description of the style of Chinese Kenpo that is taught at our school. For more complete information and history check out the Karate Connection web site at IKCA-KENPO.COM.


For a physical skill to become automatic, it takes the practitioner 21 sessions of 32 repetitions. In practical training terms, this means that repetition is a key ingredient. We strive to keep this training exciting with many different challenges. Students gain fluidity through forms, power on heavy bags, speed through drills, precision with a life-sized dummy, and control with a partner. All of our training encourages an immediate, appropriate response. Spontaneity is the greatest gift that can be given to a student. It is the ability to act soundly and to act swiftly under any type of pressure, and in any set of circumstances. Students must have the desire to work toward this goal through quality class time and through self-regulated practice time. To insure quality instruction, we guarantee that there will never be more than nine students in a class. Individual attention goes hand in hand with individual attainment.


We teach the best of Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do, and Muay Thai. You'll find a touch of Aikido and taste of Escrima. The system includes techniques from these arts that mesh well together. Our local instructors impart other knowledge that has been gained through formal and informal training in arts such as Isshin ryu Karate, Kung Fu San Soo, Wing Chun, and effective ground fighting. This is a modern eclectic approach to fighting. Combat-proven techniques and scientific analysis dictate our common sense approach to self defense. A Kenpo Black Belt is the first major goal at our professional school. The training beyond Black Belt is directed in the way that the student wishes to travel. Branching out into more work on trapping skills, martial conditioning or focusing on verbal communication are a few options. Building skills to defend against, and use weapons will "turbo-charge" our bare hand training. Some Black Belts choose to increase their teaching skill by applying for the K.I.A.I. Team (Karate Intern, Assistant Instructor program). The KIAI Team member gains teaching skills and gets more insight into the technical aspects of the art.


Other classes and courses include Related Skills, Mean & Lean Kickbox--Copywrited--, as well as classes for teens, youth and children. Seminars by other martial artists as well as theme seminars are held at our school on a regular basis. Private and semi-private instruction avalible. KICK INCORPORATED is an affiliate school of the INTERNATIONAL KARATE CONNECTION ASSOCIATION.

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